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Market characteristics of machine tool

In the background of Chinese economic slowdown, China machine tool market has undergone significant changes, the prominent features in two aspects, namely, accelerate the upgrading of the total demand decreased and demand structure.

China economic environment and China machine tool market has been and continues to have a comprehensive and profound changes, this change is not only forced Chinese machine tool industry restructuring, also put forward a new challenge to the global machine tool manufacturers, but also provides new opportunities for development. It can be predicted that the changes that have taken place and are going to reshape the new pattern of China's machine tool market in the future. Therefore, the theme of the CCMT2014 exhibition is determined as follows: new changes. New future.

The global economic rebalancing and the slowdown of China's economic growth environment have had a comprehensive and profound impact on China's machine tool industry. In experienced rapid growth for 10 consecutive years, due to significant changes in the environment and other elements of the market growth, industry is facing severe test and subjected to adjustment and transformation, is in its transition period, but also adjust the throes of transformation. The development environment changes bring the pressure and challenge to the industry development, but also provides the best opportunity for the adjustment and transformation of the industry. The forced mechanism will provide a powerful external impetus for the industrial restructuring and transformation.