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Tips for drilling bits

Industry performance, reasonable measurement. About straight shank twist drill diameter with tool microscope non-contact measuring instrument, avoid cutting edge and mechanical measuring instrument to contact and bruise. Some CNC drilling machine use positioning ring some CNC drilling machine does not use the positioning ring, such as the use of positioning depth positioning ring the installation must be exactly, if not use the location ring with the drill to the spindle to adjust the length of consistent, multi spindle drilling machine should pay more attention to this point, each of the spindle drilling depth to be consistent. If inconsistent, the drill bit may be drilled to the table or unable to drill through the circuit board, resulting in scrap

Straight shank twist drill timely heavy grinding, can increase the use of the drill bit and heavy grinding times, prolong the life of the bit, reduce the production cost and expenses. Usually use tool microscope measurements, the two main cutting edge in length. The wear depth should be less than 0.2mm. Grind to go to 0.25mm. The ordinary fixed bit can be regrinding 3 times, too much grinding, its drilling quality and accuracy will decline, will result in scrap PCB finished. Excessive grinding effect is counterproductive


Straight shank twist drill set parameters in the general case, the manufacturer will provide a parameter of drilling speed and speed of the table, this parameter is only a reference, but also the actual process after the actual use to draw a tally with the actual situation of the drill speed and speed parameters, usually the actual parameters and reference parameters but the difference is not too much. The above core technology, hope to bring more knowledge.