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Advantages of portable bit

With  the production technology and the quality of domestic promotion,  equipment and tool manufacturers use the precision are also increasing,  the original manual grinding technology along with the change of the  times, caused by the grinding technology of the fault, the drill cutter  unit \ expensive reuse rate dropped significantly, virtually is  resulting in increased cost of tool, these phenomena already appeared in  many advanced countries, and domestic similar phenomena have surfaced,  many business executives for grinding tool professionals at Chongzi  mining and retention, but still there are a lot of brain drain  phenomenon, resulting in lower production efficiency, slow progress. These serious problems reflect the demand, existence and popularity of the drill cutter grinder in the whole market.


And  portable drill and cutter grinding machine collects expert intelligent,  reflect light, simple, fast and accurate design theory, basically meet  the needs of the relevant manufacturers now also solve all enterprises,  companies and manufacturers CEOs in the cost, time, efficiency and  quality problems.  The substitution of machines for manpower is the result of the  industrial revolution, and also the inevitability of industrial  modernization. Now, so will the future. The market prospect of portable grinding machine with drill and milling cutter is promising


The grinding tool to replace the manual grinding tool is represent the  general trend which also shows that the drill bit, milling cutter,  grinding machine market is limitless, especially in the country is in  the period of development stage, it is a good time to occupy the market.


In  global view, now the Chinese market gradually with international  standards, the entire hardware manufacturing industry, obviously felt  the gap with foreign counterparts, the pressure increases, while the  continued growth in the production of export at the same time, the  manufacturers need take high-quality road line, so they had to succumb  to the "fine" this one. Major manufacturers quickly have started to  prepare, then based on past habits, there will be a lot of small  manufacturers to follow suit.  For this situation, most of the products in the domestic market have  been unable to meet the customer's high quality and high precision  requirements, and portable drill and milling machine has just filled the  gap.


One. The current market sales of carrying drill and cutter grinding  machine, after grinding drill, milling cutter concentricity of up to  0.01mm, high precision global only Ji two, belongs to the world leading  level, high technological content, not easy to imitate, have not been  replaced advantage.


Two. For high precision products, and after long time use is still  accurate, the product uses high quality, high cost material production,  so the failure rate is low, high precision.


Three. Product design meet human needs that meet the market demand,  the characteristics of simple operation, fast to allow users to quickly  get started, and everyone can be very easy to wear light out a bit,  exceed the standard precision milling cutter.


Four. Products have market demand, that is, market development, drill,  milling machine grinding machine will be the future manufacturers  indispensable good helper, the popularity of the sales market, is the  product of the necessary considerations.


Five. The product will be permanently profitable.  This product is not disposable, but special machines can only be  equipped with special wheels, one of which is the core part with  advanced technology type grinding machine, if the other wheel, the  accuracy will be absolutely no guarantee, and the grinding wheel is a  kind of material, need not timely replacement.