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The characteristics of the drill bit

The shape of the straight shank keyway milling cutter is similar to that of the end mill. The difference is that it has only two spiral cutter teeth on the circumference, and the end face of the cutter tooth extends to the center, both like the end mill and the drill bit. Therefore, when milling the keyway at both ends, the right axial feed can be done. It is mainly used for processing round head closed keyway, when it is used for processing, it is necessary to do vertical feed and vertical feed for many times to complete keyway processing.

According to the national standard, the diameter of the straight shank keyway milling cutter is d=2 to 22mm, and the diameter of the taper shank key milling cutter is d=14 to 50mm. The deviation of keyway milling cutter diameter has two kinds of E8 and d8. The circumferential cutting edge of keyway milling cutter only wears in a short length near the end face. When regrinding, only the end cutting edge is sharpened, so the diameter of regrinding cutter is unchanged.

Application method of straight shank keyway milling cutter


1) aluminum plate cutting, recommend the use of single blade special aluminum milling cutter. In the process of non stick knife, the speed is fast and the efficiency is high.


2) small precision processing relief, recommended the use of round bottom knife.

3) acrylic cutting, recommend the use of a single blade spiral milling cutter, processing characteristics is tasteless smoke-free, fast, high efficiency, no crumbs, real environmental protection, the special manufacturing process ensures that processing acrylic not explode mouth, very fine knife (even without knife), flat surface finish. It is recommended to use double edged and three edged spiral cutters.

4) density plate cutting, recommend the use of double long chip spiral milling cutter, it has a chip, two high capacity double-edged design, not only has a good removal function, and achieve very good tool balancing, in the processing of high density board, not black, do not cap the smoke, use. Long life etc..